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Course Outline

HTML is one of the hot web technologies and is widely gaining acceptance across mobile and web. In our course you get a complete resource which can get you started on application development for HTML5. In our course you work on actual examples and go through important concepts required for through knowledge.

You will learn how to create HTML websites and use CSS in your work before we start discussing HTML. We do not assume any prior knowledge so we go through the concepts from the beginner's point of view. In our HTML lectures we start with new tags and forms. We then gradually move to advance topics like Drag and Drop and Multimedia. We follow it with difficult topics like Geolocation, WebStorage and Application cache.


There are no upcoming meetings for this course.
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JQuery & jQuery UI
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Selecting, Decorating, and Enhancing
  • Animating, Scrolling, and Resizing
  • Images and Slideshows
  • Menus, Tabs, Tooltips, and Panels
  • Construction, Ajax, and Interactivity
  • Forms, Controls, and Dialogs
  • Lists, Trees, and Tables
  • jQuery UI
HTML - Overview of the New Web Standard
  • How It All Started
  • What Is New?
  • What Has Become Obsolete?
  • And What About XHTML?
  • Can I Start Using HTML5 Now?
Structure & Semantics for Documents
  • Header with “header” and “hgroup”
  • Content with “article”
  • Footer with “footer” and “nav”
  • Sidebar with “aside” and “section”
  • The Outline Algorithm
  • Figures with “figure” and “figcaption”
  • Text-Level Semantics—More New Tags
Intelligent Forms
  • New Input Types
  • The Input Types “tel” and “search”
  • The Input Types “url” and “email”
  • Date and Time with “datetime”, “date”, “month”, “week”, “time”, and “datetime-local”
  • The Input Types “number” and “range”
  • The Input Type “color”
  • The New Input Types in Action
  • Useful Attributes for Forms
  • Focusing with “autofocus”
  • Placeholder Text with “placeholder”
  • Compulsory Fields with “required”
  • Even More Attributes for the “input” Element
Video and Audio
  • First Example
  • The “video” Element and Its Attributes
  • Video Codecs
  • Which Format for Which Browser?
  • Interim Solutions for Older Browsers
  • Video and Scripting—A Simple Video Player
  • First Example
  • Rectangles
  • Colors & Shadows
  • Gradients
  • Paths, Text
  • Embedding Images
  • Pixel Manipulation
  • Compositing
  • Patterns
  • Transformations
  • Base64 Encoding with “canvas.toDataURL()”, “save()” and “restore()”
  • Animations
Web Storage and Offline Web Applications
  • Offline Web Applications
  • Browser Support
  • Storage
  • DataBases
  • Caching
  • Sessions
  • The WebSocket Server
Web Workers
  • Introduction to Web Workers
  • Client Multithreaded Programming
Global Attributes
  • News for the “class” Attribute
  • Defining Custom Attributes with “data-*”
  • The “hidden” Attribute
  • The “classList” Interface
  • Drag & Drop with the “draggable” Attribute
  • Drag & Drop in Combination with the “FileAPI”
  • The Attributes “contenteditable” & “spellcheck”
  • What's new in CSS 3?
  • Effects
  • Animations
  • Selectors
  • Box Model
  • Web Fonts


  • At least 1 year of Experience in OOP language like c#, java, php
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and Java Script

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There are no upcoming meetings for this course.
Contact us to schedule this course customized for your organization in a group format.
You will learn how to create HTML websites and use CSS in your work”
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