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How to choose the perfect online training provider?

With the declaration of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world, there is a sudden shift in the lifestyle of each student and employee. Schools have introduced online learning, while companies have established coping strategies that will help them conduct their business ...


How can IT department employees participate in protecting their organization?

With the growth of technology and frequent use of digital media, especially in organizations, the urgency of security against cyber-attacks is imperative. Organizations must have an IT department that is able to address and handle cyber-related issues. In that regard, H...


Employees’ Awareness of Online Threats During the Coronavirus Era

During the Coronavirus era surfing the Internet has become one of our day-to-day activities. You may even call it a necessity, whether it is logging in to Facebook or Instagram to upload a photo or even logging in to our bank account, especially when not having the abil...

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