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Your Global IT & Cyber Security Training Partner

HackerU Pro is a business division of HackerU, Israel’s flagship Cybersecurity Training Institute, specializing in Cyber and Information Security as well as IT and Network Administration, with over 26 years of experience. We offer a wide range of technology courses for companies, from Cyber Security to Networking, Software Development, Graphic Design, and more. All our courses are suited for our client’s requirements and specific needs.

HackerU Pro’s worldwide experience with a variety of B2B clients has placed us in the forefront of customized cybertechnology and security training. We have unparalleled experience in building advanced training programs for companies and organizations in a variety of industries.

Much of our knowledge and training quality and experience originates from top cyber-related units in the Israel Defense Forces. Our dedicated and talented instructors are industry leaders in their respective fields, and their vast hands-on experience allows them to take your team to next professional level.

In today’s reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have established comprehensive programs that highlight our experience and skills in online training platforms for the sake of client convenience.

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Why HackerU Pro?

Expertise and experience

We believe that expertise is gained via experience. Our curricula integrate relevant case studies and hands-on training with traditional technical theory, to bring students professional development programs based on the expertise of Israel’s tech elite.

  • 26 years of experience
  • More than 40,000 graduates successfully integrated in companies throughout the world
Hands-On Labs|CyWar Cyber Arena

The place where you empower your team with hands-on skills. Real-world cyber simulations, developed by HackerU Solutions, that will take you to the next level by testing the knowledge you gained during the lessons. For more information visit https://hackeruso.com/cywar/

  • Assessment and training simulator
  • Scenario-based gamified learning
  • Launching various operating systems
  • Cloud-based environments
  • Focused training with live tests and immediate feedback

LMS|Learning Management System

Despite the COVID pandemic, we can conduct numerous enriching online training courses in a variety of fields. Our LMS was designed by HackerU professionals and is dedicated to focused & beneficial training processes:

  • Conducted in one of four languages
  • Lesson documentation
  • Training lab integration
  • Course schedules with reminder options
  • Course chat forum
  • On-demand instructors
  • Complete course library
Global presence

After dedicating over a decade to cultivating cyber & digital ecosystems, HackerU, the world-renowned, powerhouse leader in the Israeli tech-education ecosystem, has succeeded in establishing its products in twelve countries, providing tailor-made training solutions to industry-leading enterprises, academic institutions & government agencies.

Five global branches
  • Israel
  • Poland
  • USA
  • Russia
  • India
Industry-level instructors

HackerU Pro instructors are hand-picked from among the local digital technology workforce, based on their passion for and skill in training the next generation of technological professionals. Instructors undergo a thorough vetting process and receive ongoing guidance from veteran Israeli cybersecurity and digital technology experts throughout the duration of the program

Personal approach

We work with each individual client to build course curricula based on company requirements and demands. Our programs include the latest technologies & methodologies from the digital and cybersecurity industries. Every tailor-made course is unique, and we are more than ready to cooperate with you to adjust course content to match the latest industry trends, your visions, & your needs

We work with

Automotive Industries
Governmental Organizations
Financial Industries
Military & Defense Industries
Telecom Providers


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    • Israel
    • Poland
    • USA
    • India
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