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HackeruPro’s goal is to train and develop both new and veteran Hi-Tech professionals via our enrichment courses lead by our dedicated, talented instructors and team. HackeruPro offers various courses in Software Development, Information Security, Cloud, Mobile Development, QA & Testing, UX/UI, Databases, Big Data etc.

  • Maven Fundamentals
  • Cross Platform UX Design
    Cross Platform UX Design
  • Ansible Basics
    Docker Fundamentals
  • Puppet
  • Ansible Basics
    Ansible Basics
  • DevOps Overview
    Atlassian JIRA Basics
  • Jenkins Workshop
  • Ansible Basics
    Advanced Jenkins Workshop
  • Atlassian JIRA Basics
    JIRA Agile Workshop
  • Atlassian BitBucket Introductory Workshop
  • Atlassian JIRA Basics
    Atlassian JIRA Administration and Configuration
  • Advanced Docker
  • Basic Java Programming
  • React.js & Redux
  • Automation Tools
    Java 8 Workshop Lambdas and Streams
  • DevOps Overview
    Angular 2
  • Python Programming
  • Linux Fundamentals for Developers
  • Elasticsearch
  • Querying Microsoft SQL Server



Live public courses: Instead of paying for a full course just to train a few employees, join our public course plan. HackerU brings together workers from various companies, to learn a wide range of themes, allowing your company to offset the price per individual.


Tailor-made Courses: With HackerU, your company can set a goal or desired vocation for employee training, and our specialists will design a fully adapted course and lesson plan to fit your needs. Complete with student text books, exams and strong hands-on work sessions, HackerU delivers on all your unique professional desires.


Seeking for classes to host courses, meetings or workshops?

HackerU has advanced technology and rental rooms equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and central location. Computerized classrooms – provided according to personal need and with prior coordination to install computerized systems and software.

HackerU is a leading training center for High tech & Cyber. With 22 years of experience HackerU providing boutique, and personalized services.

HackerU specializes in professional and comprehensive training in all the domains of high tech technology, with unique and most up-to-date courses delivered by the industry’s leading experts, geared towards Army, Police, intelligence and large organizations.

HackerU holds a variety of innovative technology products for a full 360 ° Coverage

HackerU official diploma and an internationally recognized certificate upon completion.


Thank You! First of all for your professional conduct – the client manager was in constant contact with us, and made sure everything was to our satisfaction.The teacher was excellent, very knowledgeable and with a great attitude towards our students. We are glad to have worked with HackerU, and are sure to work together again soon.

Bat-Ami Heiin, Head of programming team, The Weismann institute of science.

The instructor over the Angular material in an easy organized way for the participants to understand. He came on time and ready for the employees.The employees gave excellent feedback and even clapped for him at the end of the course.

Laure Yonk, HRIS @ Employee Development Specialist

I wish to thank HackerU for their Network Management Course, which contributed greatly to enrich our professional knowledge. The professor was a true professional, very attentive to the students, highly knowledgeable and excellent at conveying the material to his students.Also, the constant accompaniment we got from your client-manager greatly assisted the success of the course, its organization and meeting our students every need throughout. HackerU College has given us a great learning experience and contributed to our course and company success. We will definitely return to study there again, and work together for many more years.

Eran Kindler, Head of command division, Israeli prison service.

The lecturer was pleasant, courteous and professional.It was a pleasure to know hacker and work with you. Thank you for the accompaniment, organization and professionalism. I reserve the right to use your services again in the future – and I personally would love to train with you again.With respect, and hope of continued collaboration.

Zohar Cohen, guidance manager, Malam.


  • Cloud Computing
  • Tecnology Management
  • Business Intelligence Bi Analytics
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics
  • Mobile Development
  • Software Testing
  • Automation Tools
    Backend Technologies
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Data Management
  • Frontend Technologies
  • Software Engineering
  • Network & Infrastructure
  • Embedded Software Development


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